Ants are some of the most common and abundant pests in American homes. If left undisturbed, these social insects may create large colonies in lawns, trees, or around the home.
Ants in your yard, garage, or kitchen? These nuisance pests contaminate food with their foraging, and some species deliver painful bites.

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Biology & Behavior

Ants are social insects that produce a colony made of various specialized types of individual ants. Most ants are known as workers, they are wingless, do most of the food foraging, rearing of young, and defend the colony. Eggs are produced by the large queens that have wings until after they have mated. Smaller winged ants are the males. Ants are characterized by having a very narrow, pinched waist and antenna that are bent or elbowed. They are sometimes confused with termites, especially when swarms are produced. However, termites have a broad waist and beaded antenna.



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