Bees are one of the oldest living species. In addition to providing humans with beeswax and honey, they pollinate about 1/3 of all crops eaten in the U.S. However, since the pests also construct nests in homes, barns, and sheds, homeowners find their presence frustrating.
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Several different wasps, hornets, and bees are found in Utah and the majority are highly beneficial. Bees, such as the honeybee and leafcutter bee are essential to the pollination of many crops and native plants. Most wasps and hornets are predators of pests insects, feeding them to their developing young. Problems with these insects occur when nests are located near high traffic areas or in buildings. Late summer foraging by yellow jacket wasps can be a serious nuisance problem for outdoor restaurants and other areas where food is served outdoors. Also, wasps and hornets may enter homes and buildings during fall in search of overwintering shelter.​​



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