Cobweb Spiders


Cobweb spiders, part of the family Theridiidae, are commonly found in and around your home. The majority of them are harmless. There are over 2,300 species of cobweb spiders, and more than 230 in the US. They are named for their messy, irregular webs, which can help you identify them. You can also identify this type of spider by their round bellies, their long legs, and their tendency to live in dark corners.
Look for long legs. The legs of cobweb spiders are long and thin, with the first set of legs being the longest. The third set of legs is the shortest. The fourth set of legs have combs or tiny hairs.

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Biology & Behavior

​Cobweb spiders are very common in homes and many are well adapted to survival indoors. These are small to medium sized spiders that typically are found hanging upside down from irregular webs in corners of rooms and other darkened areas. When prey is tangled in the web, they throw anchoring silk strands over it. They do not completely wrap the prey, as do the orb weavers. Although almost all cobweb weavers are harmless, the black widow also belongs to this family of spiders.



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