Ground Squirrel


There are about 60 species of ground squirrels in the world. Though they range widely in appearance, ground squirrels share similar diets, shelter preferences, and daytime activities. As their name indicates, these squirrels mostly stick to the ground even though they are excellent climbers. Ground squirrels make shelters underground and dig extensive tunnels, which can lead to problems on properties with expensive landscaping or crop fields.
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Biology & Behavior

Ground squirrels average 10-15 inches in length and weigh 10-18 ounces. They generally are a brownish smoke grey color. Ground squirrels are found in the northern 1/3 of Utah from 5,000 feet elevation to above timberline. ​Ground squirrels prefer grasses but also eat plants and shrubs. They build underground burrows in which to live. They enter these burrows in late August to early September to hibernate and stay there until January to March. Two to ten young are produced per litter. The young are weaned at about 5 weeks, and they are above ground foraging by June.



Ground squirrels compete with livestock for forage and can destroy food crops. The mounds of dirt that the squirrels excavate to build burrows can damage haying equipment. Their burrows also cause damage to grasslands, golf courses, sprinkler systems and lawns. Ground squirrels can act as carriers of Bubonic Plague. ​

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