Wolf Spiders


Unlike most spiders, wolf spiders don’t hunt with webs. Instead, they chase their prey using their fast running ability. These spiders are often big and hairy which alarms some people, but they are primarily nuisance pests. Over 100 species of wolf spiders are found in the United States and Canada.
To get rid of wolf spiders, seal cracks on the outside of the home and use screens on doors and windows. Pest management professionals will often place glue traps where the wolf spiders have been seen in order to remove them from the home.

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Biology & Behavior

​Wolf spiders are fairly large hunting spiders that often cause alarm because of their appearance. Most are gray or brown and fast moving. Many species exist and most are about 1/2 inch in length. One genus of spiders of wolf spiders, the giant burrowing spider maybe 1 1/2 inches. Wolf spiders most commonly enter homes late in the season. They hide in cracks and do not produce webbing. Larger species can produce a mildly painful bite, but symptoms don’t last long.



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